The Asia-Pacific solid waste energy utilization association (hereinafter referred to as "the association") is a voluntary composition of individuals and units in the fields of scientific research, education, management and industry in the Asia Pacific region engaged in solid waste energy and energy utilization under the support of the global association of solid waste energy utilization and the framework of the Global Association for the use of energy and energy utilization. Hongkong is an international, academic and non-profit organization registered according to law. The association is the sister organization of the global energy and energy utilization association. It is the link and bridge of the mutual exchange of education, scientific research and industry in the field of energy and energy utilization in the Asia Pacific. It is an important social force to promote the upgrading of the technology and management level of the Asia-Pacific solid waste energy utilization.

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    We are committed to exploring the global use of advanced technology, especially China's waste energy utilization technology, through scientific research, education, publicity and other ways to improve the level of solid waste utilization in the Asia Pacific region, to expand the influence of solid waste energy in the Asia Pacific region and to enhance the scientific recognition of the solid waste utilization of the people in the Asia Pacific region.

    Charter WTERT-Asia:Charter WTERT-Asia.pdf